Anonymous has just announced operation paypal, basically an operation that's been started from the news that Mercedes Renee Haefer AKA NO is facing up to 15years jail and or $500k fine for the attacks on paypal from Anonymous Operation payback. Paypal has been working with the FBI handing over a huge list of whats thought to be attackers who helped in the operation payback, along with this paypal also refuse's to accept donations for wiki leaks but allows such places cults like the KKK to have donations. The operation was spread out over twitter, its picked up very fast with lots of activity so far, lots of people closing there accounts and showing screen shots, donating the last of the funds to charity. Few screens So hows this going to effect, well paypal will loosing millions from users who now do not have to deal with the high transfer rates and taxs they get from paypal accounts. Its also going to be a big hassle for a lot of people, as alot of services only accept credit cards/paypal and a lot people do not have credit cards etc... So far this is a peaceful protest, no hacking, dataleaks, just using socialmedia to spread the word, its a powerful tool. Excellent article from Jaded Security Check the twitter stream to see the hype, join the Op