Yesterday was a interesting day , with a few odd attacks but mostly a quiet day, untill @AnonWorldUnited showed up and took down pastebin with an said to be new tool, shortly after pastebin responed with a funny tweet "*Please do not test your software on us again. ** I hate graphs that look like this" *here. They have released what appears to be a sneak preview of this tool that took down pastebin within a matter of minutes, the tool  Orginal Post. Also some chats and information about the crash, Original Post. They also released a email spool from the DHS, yes department of homeland security, Original Post. We had a chance to have a chat to them, and confirm these leaks/attacks and contents, can confirm the DHS leak was done in the name of #antisec but @AnonWorldUnited made a statement saying they do not leak illegal information: "But I do not leak anything that is illegal. Plain and simple." , anyways u can catch them on the website or @AnonWorldUnited