@NetBashers have been busy, With lots of recently releases/hacks they still going strong. The latest from @netbashers is 3 separate hacks on T-mobile, Italian government and peoplebank.com. Now while t-mobile is fairly self explained as to who it is, but if you don't here a bit from wiki

The T-Mobile brand is present in ten European countries -- AustriaCroatiaCzech RepublicHungaryMacedonia,MontenegroNetherlandsPolandSlovakia and the United Kingdom -- as well as the United StatesPuerto Rico, and theU.S. Virgin Islands. Globally, T-Mobile International subsidiaries have a combined total of approximately 150 million subscribers, making T-Mobile International the world's tenth largest mobile phone service provider by subscribers and the third largest multinational after the United Kingdom's Vodafone and Spain's Telefónica.

The t-mobile hack has fair bit of different information over it, IP's, emails, names, contacts and hashed passwords. Just the fact that this has been leaked proves they need to beef up security. The Italian government was the 2nd hack/leak with logins/emails being leaked, passwords are hashed. Peoplebank is the 3rd, and no its not a money bank, They started in 1991 and came online in 1994, and state this on the about page of the website "PeopleBank is the UK's most experienced provider of Talent Banking and Applicant Tracking Solutions, founded almost 20 years ago.". anyway find out what they are for your self. the leak contains basic info, emails/usernames/hashed passwords. but again brings up the question of how good is the security and that they need to get there ass into action and fix it. T-mobile: https://pastebin.com/c2pPyjnM Italian Government: https://pastebin.com/MkLp6D2t Peoplebank: https://pastebin.com/Gm2FLgMf @NetBashers