Well its on to its 4th day here for Operation paypal, and its starting to show a constant effect and stream of followers, with people still dropping paypal accounts like fly's, so we thought we would continue to bring daily updates of this operation. Anonymous has also released a video about oppaypal that is titled [OpPayPal Phase 2](<iframe width=), which talks about calling, faxing, emailing questions as to why paypal is allowed to stop wikileaks donations.?autoplay=0"> The effects on the stock market seem to be sticking around with ti staying a considerable amount lower then ti was when the operation was started. with reports that its in the billions of dollars that PayPal's sister n parent companies have lost i would say this is one of the most successful peaceful protests in history, but only the weeks/months ahead will be able to tell us if that's how its going to be.

Stock charts for past 3 days

content/images/gallery/oppaypal/day3.png content/images/gallery/oppaypal/day3.png ### Gallery so far.

### videos

Phase 2 video [](<iframe width=) httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kc6nOPe_Bm8?autoplay=0"> How to delete your account [httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXAbrF2ZtHg](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">### Our thoughts

With this operation there has been a lot of mixed emotions, in the Operation chat room on IRC there has been many people complaining they can not use any other service, people making a very good point that some people depend on it to pay bills, rent, by food as they can not do this from any where else. I my self can not use any other as some services i use are paypal only, and i need these services and i also know of anons who have the same problem so yeah its got mixed emotions from all sides of the story. Its just a sad fact that more services do not accept anything besides paypal. Let us know you're stories, how it effects you. Leave a comment, :)