Torrent leech has become a victim in one of the more recent attacks, with user emails/names and hashed passwords being dumped over pastebin. this comes from a hacker calling themselfs "white hacker", the leak has a bit of wording in it, not even Google translator could make sense of it, ah well , anyways this comes in 2 parts and totals over 10000 accounts. Part 1: Part 2: Google translation of the leak: doesnt make any sense lol.

Hi, At the outset small abstract situation: More than a week ago I found Luke on, the gap has been notified. And at this point I became completely olany, but I got used to this, the gap has been repaired and me not even write back raczono. Finally, from an unknown to me because of my contact with the administration account has been removed, and here begins your story: To the public NEVER leak was adjourned, however, was offended, and say it is a little warning for the future for all. If someone reports a critical luke, you should even artificially keep contact with him (give him a beer, and after shouting), well if it Play it ensures that the drawing of lots from this benefit. Publishes only a small piece of the base, among others, also have a complete history of all the users IP in a few months back. However, I believe he had been a blow to the entire P2P network, and not what's going on. Data made public here were taken out over a week ago, some were roszyfrowane password (if your not been - do not feel safe until the end of August, is a matter of time). # Time for a couple of tips for users, and not just: # Remember to use for all services (mail, bank accounts, trackers, facebook) other passwords. Remember to use a minimum of 12 character passwords (consisting of small, large letters + numbers + special characters), be sure to use at least one special character (whose best is not on the keyboard - eg €). Remember to use a password that does not contain within a word similar to some (it has to be a string of random characters, or though a little random) Programisto, remember that the algorithms MD5, SHA-1 are no longer than a couple of years pretty safe. Contact: (auth: TLwh) Regards, White Hacker