LulzSec Brazil has been on a massive defacing streak, attacking some government servers and others. The defacing has some Portuguese from Brazil text on it, Most of the defacings are still online and active, and most sport @planoanonbr link in the bottom right hand corner with the reminder msg down the bottom that anonymous is an idea. Translated text:

@ LulzsecbrazilLulzSecBrazil is an open group where anyone over the internet can manifest! Anonymous is an idea where all that are outraged against the corrupt system that oppresses us, takes away our rights and our freedom of speech. Do not confuse! The Anonymous is everyone who is oppressed, without the right to freedom and fight for a better Brazil for a world like no difference, where all are respected and have the right to express themselves not being oppressed! Who is Anonymous? is you , university students, are you, firefighters, police, you are religious, Protestant, are you, gay, straight, bisexual, are you, blacks, whites, Indians; Finally, Anonymous is all class-ridden system, together with the same goal! Revolution, Change, Freedom and Dignity! Do you feel included?

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