@anon_4freedom has been on a really big streak of hacking lately, and as we have said before they he a very different style of leaking the data, as u will see. No set types of sites I'm guessing just random ones again, and yeah only the DB have been leaked. Message Body: Text here:https://pastebin.com/YiiaaHMY Leaks: BMW Russia https://www.bmw.ru https://pastebin.com/9auCcM36 Zaporizhstal https://www.zaporizhstal.com https://pastebin.com/m5dsDLZW China Trade Network https://www.cocochina.com/ https://pastebin.com/n26c4Pka Municipalidad distrital de Santa Rosa de Sacco https://www.munisantarosadesacco.gob.pe/ https://pastebin.com/NVHhh06i City of Alushta Ukraine https://www.alushta.crimea.ua https://pastebin.com/GNhvqunn Bunker Hill Community College https://www.bhcc.mass.edu https://pastebin.com/ye6reCXb AWRAD https://www.awrad.org https://pastebin.com/QVwzQQ5K public submission.