Dries Mertens a well known professional football/soccer player has had his website hacked by @Netbashers. the hack has started out with obtaining the server admin pass for the website driesmertens.be. This goes to show no matter who you are you're a target and if you are that bit more famous and this happens, well its just expected if they have the lack of security we see here. Dries Mertens is a Belgian footballer currently playing for Dutch Eredivisie club PSV Eindhoven. So dies Mertens how does it feel to be hacked? More on Dries at wikipedia.

NetBashers Net-Bashers @Cyber_War_News admin:87abe0f6be88861cdc5ff547c7022c9a driesmertens: 50c3752e3555289e64b78cbb590c98d5 NetBashers Net-Bashers @Cyber_War_News Admin had something funny for a password, silly Belgians. Admin password decrypted: T049945!!

only time will tell if anything else comes out of this hack as the information was first posted on to twitter.