Defcon, a convention for hackers to share, brag and learn, Started by Jeff Moss in 1993, and has become the worlds largest and most well known hacker convention. Over the past we have seen government agency's attending defcon and its no different this year, with Anonymous and lulzsec out in force there is sure to be a keen eye from authorities watching over more often then other years. Over the past the the various agency's that scoop out the hackers look to hire them, this year the DHS has joined in the hunting game looking for hackers 4 hire, and infact iin 2009 Jess Moss was sworn in the the department of homeland security, Homeland Security Advisory Council as part of Obamas cyber Security team. This shows a change in times, in the 50's say they would be out hunting down rocket scientist or alike, now this days its cyber hackers, which proves they have an effect on the world regardless if we see it or not. so this year will they be looking for Anonymous hacktivist? imo its going to be impossible to find as there will be thousands of people that go through the doors, its cash only so there is no traces you was there. So it starts this weekend, have fun all you lucky people who get to go :P.