Just a few leaks from the past 12hrs or so. first is a basic database dump, nothing special. comes from EXPLOIT-SHELL, and is from the website https://ccteam.ru. https://pastebin.com/D5rTbc1Z A couple from @ThEhAcKeR12, first is from https://www.scriptworld.de, list of emails and passwords and the second is from https://www.vvtv.it, which is emails, usernames and passwords, all clear text https://pastebin.com/u4xfVwxW https://pastebin.com/m1dpsfHT This one isnt our normal style, but it is interesting to me any way. comes from @stramble and is Federal Reserve network's, https://pastebin.com/uDMYTAyK. @CMDL1NE has been quiet with just one dump from Compassion.pl https://pastebin.com/AHx5V9JX