Anonymous, a massive group of anyone and everyone who stands up for alot of different things has taken the task on of fighting the Chilean government over the current schooling situation. In recent weeks we have seen chaos in Chile streets with some really bad stories coming back from the people who live there. The stormed a radio station until there msg was heard, before leaving to be attacked by police. Anonymous finds this unacceptable, and is taking action in one of the latest operations, #Opchile. the targets in this operation so far are Chilean Ministry of Education, Chilean Ministry of Internal Affairs, Municipality of Santiago center and as expected the Chilean police. These websites have been under attack now for 2 days and from what we have seen this is still a very young operation with lots more attacks to come.

The target websites and reasons**Reason from Anonymous for this site: **Chilean police site, they carried out the attacks on civilians.**Reason from Anonymous for this site: **Chile ministry of internal affairs, because they do not do anything about the corruption that is all throughout Chilean government.**Reason from Anonymous for this site: **Because they are the ones responsible for not permitting students to march to freely express their opinion with the actual education and use methods of repression against the students.**Reason from Anonymous for this site: **Because it is the organ in charge of organizing and modifying the public education and the private education in the Chilean territory and that in this case was the direct cause of the occurred problems in the country due to a fault of quality in the education and to the over costs imposed by the government. Statement from Anonymous: > Dear citizens of the world, We, Anonymous, declare ourselves outraged by the events that took place on August 4th in Chile. We have witnessed the "Agents of Order", sent by the Ministry of the Interior and at the order of President Piñera, prevent all forms of student protest. We have witnessed the police arrest a 10 year old child for protesting for his future education. We have learned that there have been more than 590 arrests with many more injured. We are Anonymous. You have gotten our attention. We will not ignore the cries of the children and students of Chile. And we will not forgive you for stifling the freespeech of your citizens. Public Assembly is a manifest right granted by democracy. You, the Chilean Government, have attempted to crush this right. You have shown yourself to be tyrants, sheep in wolves' clothing, you have attacked your own citizens for conducting a civil and democratic protest. As a democratically elected Government you have the obligation to safe guard this right for your citizens, instead you have undermined it in the true fashion of a dictator. The Chilean Government, with its arrogance, has  awakened a sleeping giant: the Chilean People; a people tortured time and time again only because they hunger for EQUALITY and JUSTICE.   For this they have suffered not only torture, but they have been exiled with corrupt agreements, agreements that have benefited only the elite. Their only recourse has been to approach a corrupt court of appeals which has colluded with your government to reject it's obligation for the protection of civil rights by banning the marches in the streets of Santiago, Valparaiso, Concepcion, and others cities of the country; If the courts are the midwives of justice, then the court of appeals has strangled that child in it's crib. The Manifest rights of the citizens of Chile are legitimate, these human rights, lost decades ago, are now recovered. We will not lose them again. We are aware of your traps, your infiltrations of our demonstrations. But Chile hears the sound of the shackles of the arrested ringing out with the truth of your corruption. Mr. Sebastian Piñera: unfortunately you have proven yourself to be one of the wolves that feast upon the flock over which you were given charge, you have ordered the breaking of the marches, you have moved against freespeech, aligned yourself with "special" interests rather protecting those people who trusted you. Now you have the attention of Anonymous. We will do what you cannot. We will not stop your campaign of corruption, graft, and tyranny until we make sure that the rights of every citizen of Chile will be respected and protected. If you can't do it for them, We will. We are Legion. We see no borders. Anons in Chile are the same as Anons anywhere. Though you may arrest a body, remember... you cannot arrest an Idea. We give all our international support to our Chilean Anons. You have kicked the hive and now you will feel our wrath. We do not fogive. Where you will not protect their rights, Anonymous will be there. Knowledge makes human beings free and freedom is not, and will never be for sale. The Government must commit to the fullfilment of security, privacy and the remaining rights that appear in the Constitution. These words should sound familiar to you, Mr Piñera, since you have chosen to eschew them in favor of tyranny: Article 19, 4,: Respect for, and protection of, private and public life and the honor of the person and their family. Article 19, 12  The Freedom to express opinons and to report without censorship, In any form or by any means, without prejudice in responding to crimes and abuses committed in the exercise of these freedoms, in accordance with the law... Do these words sound familiar to you and your lapdogs Mr. Piñera? Know that while they ring hollow to you, they reside and are kept alive by every Citzen of Chile and by every member of Anonymous. Your crimes do not go unnoticed, and know, with every fiber of your being, this: We are AnonymousWe are LegionWe do not forgiveWe do not forgetExpect us****For we are many


Anonymous have made a video which outlines what they want and why they are doing this operation. [httpsv://](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0"> Some images.   We will be covering this operation close, to bring the latest information and attack updates.