Hey Everyone, We wouldn't normally do this but hey, we do random things every so often. Anyways over here in Australia, we have a TV Show called SBS Insight. This show gives a 1 hour report on certain subjects. We have been in contact with SBS and have been asked to help get some hackers together for a TV Interview to help explain to Australia what all this hacking is about. Now what they need is. Anonymous Members active in current operations or recent past operations Other teams who are not Anonymous but do attacks in the name of Anonymous. And possibly some of the targets/victims of attacks,   I personally have met with them and this is legit and trustworthy, If u would like to take part in this Interview please email us on [email protected] or pop past the IRC chat and we can forward your email to SBS for further contact. All people identys will be kept secert, no personal questions such as exact age, locations etc will be asked. Thanks for your time you all rock. Any further question just ask :)