Anonymous has been busy with heaps of big leaks recently, today was announced they have over 5 gig of wiretaps and also release a Corruption Teaser, which is a Spanish based document about a banker and his corruption. they also sent out a message to the brazilian government that its to late to try damage control, "we have all your data secured, You can't contain it. Expect us". the teaser file, which is a .doc file can be found on wikisend.

AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC #Brazil Corruption Teaser: This document shows how a Brazilian banker does espionage and plants false news. #AntiSec AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC #Brazil Corruption: This actually is over 5 Gigabytes of unbelievable documents and illegal wiretaps. Full Release coming soon. #AntiSec Dear #Brazil Government: It's too late to try damage control. We have all your data secured. You can't contain it. Expect us. #AntiSec