28000+ more accounts leaked in the name of #FreeTopiary

Recently we have seen a very well known member of lulzsec and anonymous be arrested and now facing charges, from this a new faze of attacks dedicated to Topiarys has started. With a lot of other hackers coming out and standing up for him  we are starting to see a lot of information leaked, sites hacked and defaced. In the latest leaks, from yesterday and the day before come from Lulzb0at, this leaks are all email/passwords list and a dox on a "crappy shell site". one of the leaks alone is 27000 accounts and is uploaded to media fire and is a 3.5mb txt file of accounts. All leaks are emails/encrypted password. Original tweets.

lulzb0at lulz boat 27000 User/PassHash - mediafire.com/?0y4lw2pmjyz18…#FreeTopiary lulzb0at lulz boat Use crappy shell site, get d0xed. pastebin.com/kgHejEKA. 1259 User/Pass Combo for use with other sites I suspect :) #FreeTopiary lulzb0at lulz boat 600 Email - Password Hash List. pastebin.com/MweNg2xP #SailStrongSunday #FreeTopiary

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

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