Dominican Government has had a few sites hacked today by @NetBashers. These sites have been defaced and data leaked as well. The government sites that have been hacked are National Institute of Physical Education, The Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces Decree No.3013 and The Ministry of Interior and Police is an institution. This comes after a recent attack on the same government by @NetBashers, with this attack leaving a defacing sporting the the NetBashers most recent defacement page. So now the Army, police, government, education have been hacked and defaced in Dominica i wonder what the response from the major media will be, will they just ignore this once again? or will they finally listen up. content/images/gallery/teampoison/hacked-by-net-bashers.png All files within the release are not in English, but Spanish so a translator will be needed. there is a lot of PDF files to go over and this should be very interesting what comes out of these leaks. defacings: