@ThEhAcKeR12 has released another huge dump of accounts from a public site. Earlier today they dumped over 700 accounts from Ryco realty, The most recent leak comes from Unlock IT now, one of the largest mobile phone unlocking websites and services around. Unlock it now Started in 2003 its grown to be the leading mobile phone remote unlocking/servicing technology in the telecommunications industry. The leak is amazing, pure plain text accounts, over 10000 of them. With a small amount dumped on pastebin adn the full file dumped on mediafire Quote from release: 1. Following is the Data Base of the largest mobile unlockers www.unlockitnow.com. Many paid Software's & unlocking codes are in this 10,000 accounts. The passwords are in simple pain text. 'GO UNLOCK IT NOW'.
2. The entire Document is available at https://www.mediafire.com/?vo17vrabon1d249