Recently we have seen a huge increase of online attention towards the situation going on in San Francisco Bay Area and the recent killing that has happened to a homeless man, as well as the death of Oscar Grant, who was shot to death by BART Police in the rail system in front of bystanders and on video. More recently there has been protesting going on due to this which has resulted in BART disabling 4 stations mobile/wifi communication systems within the stations so protesters could not organise or communicate. a few weeks a ago they had a successful protest and disrupted train services, so BART claims they have shut this communications off due to "safety" concerns. So the question remains, WHAT THE HELL ARE BART THINKING, armed police officers in the subway system? come on its 2011, not the 90's we do not need guns everywhere on every law enforcement officer, for them to get happy and shoot at will and kill innocent people. Anonymous has announced plans for Operation BART aka #OpBart. This Operation is 100% peaceful and there is a press release outlining what and when is happening on Your Anon News. So this really shows the power of technology, government services are that aware and scared of the power that  they just disable the access to it? well this is cyber war boys and girls, Censorship will always happen and People will always stand up for themselves, with social media like twitter, we see the wide spread of information globally so fast its almost untrackable. Anyways here is a couple of articles everyone should read regarding this, its very important EVERYONE does EVERYTHING they can to help, spread the word and stop BART from censorship and murder. PRESS RELEASE [Video - beware, not for the weak gutted. ](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">BART police kill home less man BART Muzzles cell service Protest disrupts BART Service and last of all A very lame statement by BART trying to make excuse's. My say on that statement is, BART u completely fucked up by saying this "BART’s primary purpose is to provide, safe, secure, efficient, reliable, and clean transportation services." and having your officers kill so many people, how do you class this as SAFE and SECURE, how can people be happy and feel safe to use the system they very much so need. My heart goes out to all who have been personally effected by this <3.