It would seem that the very well know IRC Web service Mibbit has been hacked and had its data leaked online. The leak today has been done "exclusively for all of the skidiots on Mibbit fueling Lulzsec/#antisec" and has been very popular over the social media networks so far. In the release there is a prefix note, please read this as it explains why its done. The hack is labeled as being done by a very old school hacker group called HTP - Hack the planet, check there manifesto for more information on HTP

:: 0x01 - Preface :: You may have read the about the various attention-whoring skid injections of LulzSec in the news lately, who hasn't? Apparently, anyone can pick up Havij, LFImap, or LOIC and make media headlines today. It seems they have succeeded in defacing the name of the anti-sec movement, turning it into a faux-revolutionary battle cry in the form of #antisec. However, anti-sec is not what it is being portrayed as. In actuality, anti-sec is the practice of keeping one's exploits and hacks to oneself for the good of everyone else (or personal profit, depending on who you ask). LulzSec, I would throw in a note here, but it seems I'm too late, most of you are already raided. To the rest, make your time. Not on the front page of the latest hacking busts and takedowns, the more skilled among us know not to broadcast our various 0wnages. We silently slip in and sift through large networks. Releases are private. Obviously, when you have a group that comes along such as Lulzsec, the question is not what they will get into, but how long they will last. More importantly, I would like to establish that the former Scene has very nearly disappeared since the rise of groups like Lulzsec. Blindly exploiting and staging large scale unjustified attacks against arbitrary organizations is not the mentality of hacking. Hacking is about curiousity. Hacking is about information. Attacking government entities so you can give the media your devoid justice statement is not hacking. It's called bullshit. I've seen enough garbage from Lulzsec releases. Today, we would like to provide the community with a special release, exclusively for all of the skidiots on Mibbit fueling Lulzsec/#antisec efforts. Enjoy. - HTP

pastebay-com-free-uncensored-text-hosting The leak has alot of personal information and information from mibbit servers, at the bottom there is a few mirrors with yet even more leaked information. >>> K1LL Th3 G1b50n! attachm3nts >>> n3t0nec0m shad0ws m1rr0r 1: m1rr0r 2: w1k1 pass3s m1rr0r 1: m1rr0r 2: n1cks3rv pass3s m1rr0r 1: m1rr0r 2: pMs m1rr0r 1: m1rr0r 2: :PppPpPPPPppppppp cHaN msGs So, its a surprise, if this is actually HTP to see them come back and make an attack like this because of the trouble Lulzsec has caused. It also proves that even the older more skilled hackers will take down anything to get a point across and that everyone is a target.