Once again the online gaming scence has been victim to cyber crime and been hacked and accounts leaked. An unknown source has leaked 350+ accounts from rts-league.org, RTS -League is a real time strategy game genre. the leak comes in the form of username/password/email and of coarse the passwords are hashed. The RTS genre has long been cursed by the lack of formal, continuously operating tournament opportunities. While competition ladders are ubiquitous, organized league settings for clans and individuals are not. Since 2001, we have strived to fill that hole in the RTS community by offering leagues of professional quality in an informal and friendly setting. RTS-League lives by the mantra that gamers know gaming best, and our staff teams have been hand-picked and continually updated with the best that each game can offer. We are not professionals, we are RTS gamers; our leagues operate with an effectiveness that no professional can duplicate.   https://pastebin.com/bLCd0tan