Mr Boter has been busy this morning with a few defacing and one really notable one; the china government has been hacked and defaced by netbashers and they have left there trade mark defacing logo in the normal green style we see from netbashers. The actual site that has been hacked is the Weifang City Administration Information Center. This shows every single country no matter how big or small if you are insecure you will be hacked and most likely made out to be a fool to the general security scene. Note from the defacing The crime that those of you commit is that of witholding information from us; the people. The ones who had stood there, and believed in you as you crushed that beliefe yourselfs. And now this crime is costing each of you. For we are the ones who can, and the ones who will.We are Victory.One two, Net-Bashers are coming for you. Three four, kicked the server out the door. Five six, we wrecked your shit. Seven eight, it’s to damned late. Nine ten, don’t make us rape you again. One two, Net-Bashers are coming for you._