Well its that time of the week again where a HUGE leak gets done and this time its labeled as Texas take-down Thursday, Being carried out by the anonymous hackers this one is for sure to leave the Texas police and American government shocked and ashamed of the lack of security they have on vital information. The leaks which was announced on the anonymousIRC twitter account and various others was sneak previewed with some mail servers and login information being leaked directly onto twitter and  re-tweeted like hell. With this attack being carried out in the name of #antisec it shows that the Operation is still going strong and on track to exposing the lack of security and bad governments and police agency’s. The leak which was announced on twitter has been first displayed via a defaced police website, https://www.texaspolicechiefs.org/ And a tor link as well https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.tor2web.org/tx Checkout an article on Press storm for a better break down and be sure to wait around for more juciy information to come out of this release. Leak: https://pastebin.com/LGyeLcun – release info on paste bing https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.tor2web.org/ – on tor https://wikisend.com/download/269976/texsastakedownthursday.torrent Be sure to have a good look over https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.tor2web.org/mail/