Over the past few months we have seen close to 100 different raids for cyber crimes, with a lot of these being related to hacktivist, hacking teams like Anonymous and LulzSec there has been a lot of other cases a long the way as well. Last wednesday the Obama administration has announced that it is pushing for tougher penalties for people who carry out "cyber crime" activities. Associate Deputy Attorney General James Baker and Secret Service Deputy Special Agent in Charge Pablo Martinez said the maximum sentences for cyber crimes have failed to keep pace with the severity of the threats. Recently we have seen anonymous in protest for a fellow hacker who is facing a long time behind bars under the current laws. So the question is to ask why would they want to make tougher laws rather then try and fix the problem by creating a law for people who administrate websites with personal or vital information to be held liable for any of the information that may be leaked. Now the government has gone and called these groups gangs, terrorist, thugs and many other names and accused them of theft. While in many people eyes data leaking may be seen as stealing data it actually isn't. As the data is more often then not left in its original condition and a copy of it is taken and a copy of that is dumped online leaving the original contents as it was, now in some cases the hackers may wipe files but if this happens i also find it is the administrations fault for not having proper security or failing to do a back up if they haven't. The Obama administration has also announced it has no plans to force company's to secure the information they hold, how stupid is this? its like having a working speeding camera at a race track. its a pure setup for people to be arrested and fined and possible jail time all at the expense of your tax moneys.

Why do these hacks happen?

99.9% of hacks, defacing or data leaks are due to insecure websites, stupid administration, and poorly developed websites with lack of security or sanitizing of any input data. If they government made laws for Registered web hosts to do security checks fo the clients websites then maybe we wouldn't have such a problem on our hands as we do. also if web developers just relaxed a bit and stopped charging so dam much for little jobs the people who own these websites would hire real developers and maybe the security features would be all in place.

Living in a dream

Yeah that's it, anyone who thinks this will be stopped some time soon and that the government can actually do any thing about this is living in a dream. As stated before it really comes down to the admins and developers to fix this growing problem. all year i have been seeing reports that 2011 is year of the hacker and hacktivist and that it will forever be remembered, Maybe so but we have seen all this problem since the start of networking. Humans will be humans and take advantage, explore and do stuff that others disagree with, Just live with it and move on.