As earlier reported there has been a huge dump of accounts, data and personal information from a huge range of websites and this comes from a hacker by the name of Stohanko. All together we have count 101 sites, huge amount of data and personal information which ranges from  emails, phone numbers, full names and address. There is a lot of clear text passwords and also fair share of encrypted passwords. If you look down thru the list below you will see a fair few well known big company's have been hacked and lots of other smaller websites as well. they also range from many different countries such as Australia, new zealand, china, Africa and many more showing this is not a isolated attack. IT still continues to show that administrations needs to sort stuff out so this stops happening. so far this past few months we have seen countless amounts of websites, data and hacking going on. Dump 1: here Dump 2: Dump 3: Dump 4: Dump 5: Dump 6: Dump 7: Dump 8: Dump 9: - huge Dump 10: -huge - huge Dump 11: Dump 12: Dump 13: - huge leak Dump14: - huge leak with personal details and logins Dump15: Dump16: Follow stohanko on pastebin Also if anyone can get us in contact with them we would like to conduct an interview.