sean Sean Duffy, 25, is a sad sad person who likes to take advantage of bad situations and crawl to the lowest level of harassment and trolling. Until recently Sean has been well known to be trolling the facebook fan pages and other accounts, defacing pictures of victims and harassing family members. Well his trolling run has come to a end and he is facing 18weeks in jail and banned from using social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Myspace and others for 5 years and must report to the police any equipment that he buys that can access the Internet. Now this would seem to be extreme buy some and not enough by others but either way it shows the growing threat of jail time for using a computer and making stupid choice's in what you do online. The People who have been trolled range from a 14year girl who died after a epilepsy attack in her home to 16yo girl who died in a car crash. Sean defaced pictures and wrote nasty comments on the walls of the victims and there families. Its not the first time Sean duffy has been in the eye of the law for doing this either, in 2009 Duffy had been cautioned for a similar offence in 2009 and His Lawyer; Whiteford said he lived an isolated life and had himself been bullied at school and work. The court heard that Duffy has Asperger's syndrome and lived a "miserable existence" drinking booze, So he is just another one claiming mental illness to cover up the crimes that he knew he was doing? is this going to be a new trend for criminal case's surrounding the Computer scene. Heart goes out to all the victims families and friends, we are sorry that you have had to deal with such a scum of life and that he went to the lowest possible levels to get himself some lulz. Now it probably seems like we are trolling him right now, but yeah he deserves it,  if you troll expect to be trolled. Original Article by