A hacker group going by the name XtReMiSt Team Muslim Liberation Army has just uoloaded a file fo 40+ websites located in USA that have been targted purely for that reason. content/images/gallery/random2/hacked-by-xtremist.png In the defacing there is Pictures of war, back ground music, and the following statements that are targeted at relgion problems that we see within the world where Muslims are often labeled as terrioist when this in fact is far from the truth and 99% of Muslims disagree with the methods terroist use and the extreme messures they go to.

We Muslims Are Not Terrorists, And We Don’t Hurt The Sentiments Of The Other Religions By Burning Their Holy Scriptures

i have a question ! , Is it allowed in christianity to burn the Name of Jesus Christ ?

Because ,In Holy Quran ,the name of Jesus Christ mentioned in the following Chapters .

Following are the references :

  1. [Surah/Chapter 2: Verse 136] 2. [Surah/Chapter 2: Verse 253] 3. [Surah/Chapter 3: Verse 45] 4. [Surah/Chapter 3: Verse 52] 5. [Surah/Chapter 3: Verse 55] 6. [Surah/Chapter 3: Verse 59] 7. [Surah/Chapter 3: Verse 84] 8.[Surah/Chapter 3: Verse 84] 9.[Surah/Chapter 4: Verse 157] 10.[Surah/Chapter 4: Verse 163] 11. [Surah/Chapter 4: Verse 171] 12.[Surah/Chapter 5: Verse 46] 13. [Surah/Chapter 5: Verse 78] 14. [Surah/Chapter 5: Verse 110] 15. [Surah/Chapter 5: Verse 112] 16. [Surah/Chapter 5: Verse 114] 17. [Surah/Chapter 5: Verse 116] 18.[Surah/Chapter 6: Verse 85] 19. [Surah/Chapter 19: Verse 34] 20.[Surah/Chapter 33: Verse 7] 21. [Surah/Chapter 42: Verse 13] 22. [Surah/Chapter 43: Verse 63] 23.Surah/Chapter 57: Verse 27] 24.[Surah/Chapter 61: Verse 6] 25.[Surah/Chapter 61: Verse 4] Doesn't it mean that you are actully gonna burn the name of Jesus Christ , too ? If You Are A True Christian ,and reading this message , you'll be happy to know that Jesus Christ is sacred for us (Muslims ) The Holy Bible is also a sacred Book Of God for us . Didn't you feel sorry that burrning The Holy Quran meant (some Priests ) actually you burnt the Name of Jesus Christ ,too and as well. We Muslims Are Not Against Humanity... We Love Christians.. Because They Are Our Brothers.. Islam Always Talks About Humanity Yes We Are Against Those Who Are Against Humanity… Like Israel and India Who Kill Millions Of Peoples InPalestine And Kashmir… Yes, We Are Against Evil Racist Fascist Peoples… We Will Always Raise Our Voice Against Them… I Am A Muslim… Freedom Is Our Goal. Yes We Are Some How Against U.S Government Because Normal Perception Is That U.S Government Is Working Against Muslims And Supporting Israel And India In Kashmir And Palestine… We Also Condemned The Drone Attacks In North Waziristan(Pakistan) Which Kills Thousands Of Innocent People...ItsPakistan’s Internal Issue Then Why America Is Interfering In It..? Actually American Policies And American Government Working For Zionists And For A New World Order… Think About It… You Yourself Is The Best Judge….! If , to stand for justice and independence is our sin and that's for we are blamed being terrorists .then let be this . We'll Fight Till Our Last Drop Of Blood ForPalestine And Kashmir… Because Freedom Is Their Right. Why USA is using it's Veto power against Palestine ?????? -.- UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL -.- XtReMiSt, KillerMind Haxor, Jerry Hassan, Mindy, Faisy Ali Laghari   who are the real soldiers? the children holding stones or the Army men holding guns?