In a recent press release on the website has stated that leaders and ministers from Australia are heading towards america to talk about the growing security problem we are witnessing daily in the cyber world, often referred to cyber warfare. Mainly they are joining forces to fight other rouge governments such as china in the constant flow of attacks to American computer systems. The obama administration has been pushing the fight for strong cyber security and also for more harsh jail terms for the hackers. This announcement comes from Leon E. Panetta and Panetta will join Clinton, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Defense Minister Stephen Smith for an official dinner tonight. Tomorrow, the leaders will hold consultations at the Presidio, where the ANZUS treaty was signed 60 years ago this month Now surprisingly enough Mr Kevin Rudd is Australia's Ex prime minster and he was one of the 1st followers of CyberWarNews on twitter, We find it very interesting that and also good that he is involved with this, Kevin is a very down to earth type of politician who does stuff in the best interest of the people, listens to the people and thinks like the people. CyberWarNews is Australian based and we also find this very strange that America wants to spreads its cyber bases here, as in theory cyber world can be accessed from anywhere at any time so why would there need to be a base outside of America for cyber security monitoring or problems? this raises huge questions in my eyes and there will need to be further investigation as to weather this is true or not and if so why its to be so. So we can expect to see a fight by the governments, maybe not as much as some of us may want and maybe more then some of may want but either way its about time they got off there arses and did something about this now. Also Mr Rudd if you happen to read this please contact me. cheers :)