Its nearing the end of 2011 and the world is finally starting to see the power of different types of social media. With recent operations and protesting by anonymous and others we have see the power in #oppaypal #oporlando #opbart and now #occupywallstreet or #takewallstreet and what it can do. Today in America is going to mark a day in history where Thousands of locals and visitors from afar have come together to march and protest peacefully for a greater reason, this reason is towards the banker of the world and the corruption that goes on within them and the ties they have to the government and other society's. With hundreds of thousands fo tweets so far and a constant flowing stream for both #occupywallstreet and #takewallstreet 7000+ people viewing live footage stream and 400+ people tuning in to police radios and world wide coverage from big media such as cnn, abc, nytimes and many more. So what does this tell us? that social media no matter what form it comes in, chat/stream/tweets or w/e is a newage tool for gaining attention and getting controlled protesting going. We personally have been listening to the police radios for 4+hours now and its been a growing chatter with more and more people being checked, very few arrests and LOTS of extra police called in urgently about 2hours ago. In the live footage video stream we have witnessed people being made to stand up and instructed not to sit down in the seating ares provided by the city. they have been talking about moving on all media and making road blocks We have also seen twitter has blocked the trend of #occupywallstreet but allowed the worldwide trend fo #takewallstreet . We suspect this may be due to the fact that people have been using violent slogans and incitements for #occupywallstreet which has brought a bit of negative attention to the whole thing. This was and is a planned total peaceful non hacking protest and that is all. Thank you to all the people who showed up and continue to show peaceful support. Keep an eye on for a up coming story

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Live police stream or u can download scanner radio on android, go to top50 and its #1 right now. Google news globalrevolution on Broadcast Live Free