recently a hacker that cwn was following was arrested and this has been confirmed, the following is a statement from his group of friends etc. CWN also sends best luck and wishes to him in his battle against the law, #freedom   Official statement from Ninja @ TeamGhosts ----- This is about Ghost. Ghost (Daniel Stevens) 21 didn't live in America/U.K But a small country with small population. I won't be releasing this country for obvious reasons, I spoke to his roommate who wishes to stay anonymous he told me that Ghost kept to himself, nice guy irl some average man. Ghost carried out a few operations, such as #opWestdorset#opLiladelman#opSouthAfrica#opPhilippines#opBrazilTAX'z#opEmbassyAnd many more. He worked alone, yet I made software for him now and then, simple scanners.. He did all the coding and hacking himself, there was another guy called _St0rm cept he didnt really help ghost much only really showed him a few vulns for high profile websites... So anyways....we worked together on a couple things but he always did the releasing and the posts he owned the twitter acc + fb page but now the twitter is deleted and the facebook will be deleted in 10 days or so. He phoned me up saying that he couldn't use the internet or his computer im not sure if he was made to or not but he said for me to cancel the accounts and delete everything I think he said something about being arrested for the ddosing and gaining access to government computers using malicious attacks or something. So basically hes fuckd :*( he told me that he regreted posting because a lot of people didnt really see it/care much. (who would? its the internet) but he spent a lot of time just trying to make a name for himself (it worked) except everyone sitting at home, pretty relaxed looking at these hacks low-key kinda shit except he slipped up. they found a botnet of around 226k+ on his computer which he had access to im not sure if it was his or shared they found over 10000 websites hacked on his computer with 455k+ logins and user info ips, names, etc.. they also found around 300 south african websites or so on his computer that were hackd (he kept a list) Note to self never keep lists... lol they found he had access to restricted and important documents they found some NSA + Pentagon files on his computer (i dont know how he got those) they downloaded his facebook data from his profile and they took all the photos etc from his twitter + computer for some foresnic shit idk but they pretty much raided the apartment and took everything the room mate was mad :P Here's all of his downloads which the feds can't stop you from downloading: OP | Download the op | statement on the op --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #opSouthAfrica | | #opPhilippines | Unfinished | #opBrazilTAX'z | | None #Vulnsitings | | None #opWestDorset | | #opEmbassy | | Most of his releases are here: Articles written on #Ghost's work: < Websites he hit (not even tipping the iceburg btw...) : #occupyWallStreet's DOS Listings : Almost all of his pastebin links here: (pastebin searching #TeamGhosts) Twitters loving memory: Microsoft fun : Anyways with the joking aside he asked me to thank every follower + every friend that he had online. he said he just wants to put it behind him now the crimes werent too serious so he wont get very long imo im pretty sure his rm said he had a good lawyer so lets just hope for the best. For now, the twitter account is down + the FB has 14 days left. I could cancel it, ill see if he changes his mind. I dont want to share my twitter + fb neither does _st0rm so basically we just wait. Thanks from us at Ghosts -Daniel -Ninja -_ST0rm