Over the past year or so we have seen how powerful a couple of tweets and a pastebin statement can be. More so over the pasty few months there has been a lot of fake and stupid operations being brewed up by trolls, trouble makers or just plain simple dumbass's. One of the most recent ones is once again asking people to download the well known stupid, noneffective tool called LOIC, this is the same tool that has seen so many people arrested and facing charges for taking part in previous attacks. This stupid operations have been inciting outrageous  actions towards the targets that have been in line from street protesters, from this attacks or even the word of them people are making it alot harder for them who are making the effort and standing ground at there local protest or even travelling great distances to join others to stand ground. Now there is not a lot we can do about these fake attack operations but we can always help spread the word to everyone with interest and to other media to ignore calls for such operations like facebook, wallstreet cyber attacks, and many many more Some time these cyber attacks can have mroe trouble then they staty and specially for the street protestors, These attacks which seem to always get labled as terrorism activity seem to increase ground activity of police as well, What im asking is for everyone to ignore mass operations that call for you to download and use programs or participate in any types of cyber attacks and to spread the word and remind all your online friends/family to do the same and stay away from this crap. /end rant :)