Anonymous have released a pastebin document that has a list of finds and vuns on the Dominican republic police system and some other sites to. They have also left a website defaced as seen below. wiki-index-national-police-dominican-republic This comes with a message to the Police from Anonymous

Greetings, We Are Anonymous, Over the years we have heard numerous complaints and reports of prisoners and people, being detained and or murdered by the Police in the Dominican Republic. The Atrocities committed against their people, and the corruption that has plagued a force that should be protecting its people, are intolerable, and once again Anonymous will defend the weak from the oppressive. "At least 154 people were reported killed by police from January to July of this year, compared with 125 people in the same period last year". This is a quote taken from an article on ABC News about the same situation. The cries of our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic have gone unheard, People of the world have turned the cheek away from our people there and we can not. and will not stand by and watch anymore. We will launch a mass operation labled Spanish Solidarity Saturday, which will be targeted against police operations in Dominican Republic until the people's voices are heard, and investigations are launched. Police brutality is a crime.