an Indian web host has become a victim in the hunt for the owners of the Duqu virus, Indian Authorities last week seized computers from the web werks data center. Web works has been operating for about 15years now and is a fairly big and well known web host with many common solutions at affordable pricing. So far they have only made a statement to Reuters, but i wouldn't really expect them to make any press release on there own website as it would probably harm the reputation some what. This seize comes as a reminder of the one that happened from all the lulzsec attacks but the difference is this one hasn't effected thousands of people or completely disabled a company due to the actions of stupid authorities. It also comes as a warning to any web host to be sure your not hosting the next big attack and that you do not become liable for it in any way. The main reason for the seize is that the authorities are still trying to figure out how this virus works and need to get on top of it before it causes damage, that's if it does as there has been no firm confirmation that the virus is what it is actually said to be. Full insight to the Duqu virus by Symantec Full story here.