Recently A few Anons got angry over another anon being kidnapped and started up Operation cartel, threatening to expose cartel members and ties with the law enforcement. In the recent weeks there has been mixed emotions about this with some backing it and other refusing to back it. The whole idea is dangerous as the cartels are known for murder for very minor reasons. Today barrett brown has released a statement that outlines #Opcartel very clearly and explains that the kidnapped anon has been since released. Anyway here it is. ---------------------------

The Anon who had been kidnapped last month by the Zetas has been released, although it appears that the Zetas concerned did not know that the individual was the Anon whose release had been demanded by those who instigated #OpCartel. As such, no bargain has been fulfilled. Meanwhile, those who have been in possession of the e-mails have promised to provide them to me alone, which is to say that everything that proceeds from now on is my own work, and not that of Anonymous. Any reprisals against anyone other than myself, then, will have no effect. As I've told several journalists today, I will be proceeding carefully and with the assistance of several parties who are equipped to assess the contents of these e-mails and particularly those portions dealing with Zeta collaborators. I'll announce the next step in a few days. Barrett Brown [email protected]