Well just now on twitter was released an announcement that Fuck FBI Friday was due tomorrow ( American time ) and a small preview was leaked onto pastebin. Now its been a while since we have seen a big leak like this so it should be fairly juicy i think. In this leak it contains emails from special agents about cyber crime troubles. its fairly interesting to see this side of things and will be even more so once the big payload is release tomorrow. One particular email i found interesting is the police making ideas of the top of his head and admitting it, i thought there was protocol to go with?

Jimmy, Okay, let's say that all is true. The SW needed to be executed on that house if for no other reason than to obtain the wireless router. Logging may have been turned on, and if it was it would tell us what computer IPs the router was assigning and what corresponding MACs are listed. Since we are there and because of exigent circumstances we need to seize all computers on the property to exclude them as being the culprit machine. This is just an idea off the top of my head. Later, Greg

So until tomorrow here it is for now, https://pastebin.com/YRTvKXeU