Well over the past few days main media has been going wild over claims that it has suffer from a hack attempt on customer accounts. Now this comes as the world is watching cyber Security go from a unknown, unthought about problem to a new whole new level of trouble. If this hack is true it shows that hackers will go after anyone they can and that the large companies better get ontop of the game before something wild happens to them. At&T company spokesman Mark Siegel said in a recent email “We recently detected an organized and systematic attempt to obtain information on a number of AT&T customer accounts, including yours,” AT&T said in an e-mail to customers. “We do not believe that the perpetrators of this attack obtained access to your online account or any of the information contained in that account. No accounts were breached and our investigation is ongoing to determine the source or intent of the attempt to gather this information,” Siegel wrote in the e-mail. So once again, if you own or are part of a large company go through the effort to make sure that the cyber security is up to scratch.