itskahuna has hacked an airports website database, the air port that has been hacked is Norwich Airport and it brings huge questions to the airports overall security. If hackers can access such information so easy then what else is insecure like this? why do people pay such high rates for flying when the service they are being provided is not up to date and not keeping their promise of privacy of personal details. The leak contains a short message from itskahuna as well as administrator logins and user logins and personal information.  all passwords are encrypted.

consider fixing this Cause I imagine this could pose a bit of a saftey risk UK Government. Your sites that should be the most secure are still just as flawed as all the rest If you think that there is any info that we cannot obtain you are incorrect The people can get everything, and this goes to show. NOTHING is protected from prying eyes. Continue to allow the Occupy Protestors to demostrate peacefully I would say I also did this to show, that when you think you are secure. You are not. and if these security flaws are their then who knows what could come next. The UK government needs to rethink who they are messing with when they do not allow the occupy protestors to demonstrate peacefully and show what they believe in Info and knowlege is free, dont make the people show you just how free it is Use CTRL+F for quick search, if you find your details i would suggest calling the airport and asking why this can happen.