Well back in the land down under, David Cecil the alleged NBN hacker has pleaded guilty to two of the 49 charges he is facing for hacking an ISP and causing no threat or damage at all. In a recent post we showed that the australian police used a full team of armed police to raid an arrest David who was going by the online name of Evil. David had hacked an Australian ISP and accessed part of its new National broadband network (NBN) that is still being rolled out. Despite the ISP stating that David caused no trouble, damage or harm he has been treated like a fully blown criminal. The two guilty pleas were entered on David Cecil's behalf by his solicitor Peter Ringbauer. Cecil still faces 48 further charges related to his activities. The prosecution in consultation with Cecil's defence agreed to consolidate the remaining 48 charges into a smaller number offences if the defendant pleaded guilty to the two counts as some of the offences had occurred within 10 seconds of each other. He was charged with unauthorised access to, or modification of restricted data, carrying a maximum penalty of two years’ gaol; and one count of unauthorised modification of data to cause impairment, punishable by maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment. So Australia, your not really setting a good example of how you handle such case's and let drug addicts who rob and beat up people for money right back out the next day to do the same thing.... re-think your legal systems. Australian NBN hacker