A hacker going under the Anonymous/antisec flag has spent a bit of time on the Florida Family Association servers, grabbed some data and left a nice warning with the leak of data. The dump of information and warning was first posted via ihazcAnNONz twitter account and dumped on pastebin. content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-ihazcannonz-antisec-anonymous-ohai.png the warning:

Florida Family Association feels the need to put hate at the forefront of what it stands for. Your hatred, bigotry and fear mongering towards Gays, Lesbians and most recently Muslim Americans has not gone unnoticed! Anonymous will not stand for hate and divisive vitriol to be spread across our country and whenever we can...we will stop it... FFA you managed to use your power to influence Lowe's to follow you into your racist stupor and they too will answer for that... For now, you will answer to it..as well as your unfortunate followers having personal information shared with the world so everyone can know how racist and hateful you all are. I am going to assume most of the people who receive your newsletter, email you and make donations are potentially part of the 99%. They are likely lower middle class people who have been mislead by all of your bullshit and god talk...therefor they too are unwitting victims. So I will NOT share all of the Credit Card information I got. I am though reading the emails and getting information on those who did donate to make sure they are not worthy of the scorn of Anonymous as well...if i find information such as anyone being a part of other hate groups such as the Klan or anything similar all bets are off for those people. Also, I am looking for you Steve Ensley...and I will find you. I want all of your followers to know though their information is NOT SAFE in your hands until you address your security issues.

content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-ihazcannonz-antisec-anonymous-ohai.png leak:https://pastebin.com/XVD6VmXx