To celebrate the launch of the Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Summit taking place in San Jose, CA, USA, FC Business Intelligence are releasing some exclusive podcasts recorded with their host organization The Global Institute of Cyber Security & Research (GICSR) and the Industry Information Analysis and Sharing Centre. The first of these hard hitting podcasts covering enterprise cyber security and critical infrastructure protection can be accessed from the conference website. The Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Summit is an industry leading forum bringing together leading representatives from all the major North American critical infrastructure including; telecoms, healthcare, energy, finance and defense presenting leading case studies of efforts to protect critical infrastructure and information assets. FC Business Intelligence and GICSR and working together with industry and key government agencies to develop strategies to utilize people, process & technology to optimize your governance, risk & compliance management. The podcasts recorded with the summit’s host organization: GICSR discuss crucial topics at the moment and how they are being covered at this ground breaking meeting in April. The critical information covered in this meeting includes:

  • The $300bn USA ‘Big Data’ industry
  • The $1.5 billion cloud security market
  • Managing the $32bn governance, risk & compliance

The expert interviews also cover the projects being undertaken with GICSR federal partners and some of the speaker line up at this leading event. Industry partners include: DHS, NSA, NASA, NIST, FBI, CERT DoD and many more. Many of these leading organizations including the FBI will be presenting alongside industry leaders such as BT Global, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Tyco, Sempra, Enbridge, UTC, and Raytheon. Speaking about the conference Richard Zaluski, Executive VP, GICSR said the following: “GICSR is proud to work, produce and host the Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Summit in collaboration with FC Business Intelligence. This project will leverage our joint ability to bring together key senior level IT Security personnel to tackle the key challenges facing North American critical enterprises. The Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Summit will help you to:   -     Develop strategies to utilize people, process & technology

  • Gain a positive ROI on your security and technology investment.
  • Address the key issues in the Industry and provide security, and technology-related insight necessary to make the right decisions.
  • Optimize your governance, risk & compliance management

With the increasing number of regulations and threats facing information assets the time to invest in this area has never been more critical especially when considering the cost of the breakdown of one critical infrastructure could top $230bn.” To access the first podcast interview with Richard Zaluski, Executive VP, GICSR simply follow this link: For more information about the conference please look round the conference site at: If you have any questions, please get in touch. Natasha Sheel Head of Cyber Security FC Business Intelligence originalPodcast without registering