content/images/gallery/random2/hacked-by-indishell.png A personal cyberwar between hackers is taking place across many websites with hundreds so far defaced and now even more defaced with one clear message, a warning to Ghantasic and shadoow8 to stop their defacements or else. This warning comes from members of hacker group Indishell and has been spread across at least 70 sites so far. The sites in the warning. at time of publish most of these was still defaced, you can find them all on the zone-h mirrors. JAI HIND MIRRORS NAME: INDISHELL AT ZONE-H ( AT LEGEND-H ( AT ZONE-HACK ( HACKED BY INDISHELL ASHELL AND IRFNINJA INDISHELL ALWAYS HACK AS A PAYBACK AND THATS WHAT WE DID THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO LULZ SITES HACKED BY THA AND PCA