Just a another quick one, recently we did a few posts on D35M0ND142 and LulzSec_Guatemala from a fair few government hacks and data leaks they have been doing. While these hacks and leaks are not really of any importance it still proves just how insecure the government is how how silly they are at cyber security in general, all leaks have admin logins. Dumps by D35M0ND142www.unifg.it https://pastebin.com/dhdJGgtQ www.post.gov.bn https://pastebin.com/JDAbtmhm www.islamicaffairs.gov.mv https://pastebin.com/w6QfxrUaDumps by LulzSec_Guatemalahttps://www.municipiovilladeramos.gob.mx  https://pastebin.com/U0mbiMLk https://www.jerez.gob.mx/ https://pastebin.com/atRNPNY5