content/images/gallery/random2/godaddy-boycott1.png In what was a very short time, probably one of the fastest boycotts ever and also one of the biggest public relations stuff up by godaddy ever when they first annonced full support for SOPA then after just less then 1 day later then had announced that they are no longer supporting SOPA. In the time and after since the first release untill now, on the website which tracks domain changes has got huge statistics showing for godaddys which is in control of the name servers they own. On the site godaddy is showing 32,000+ changes/deleted domains from compared to the next one down which is only showing 2,000. content/images/gallery/random2/godaddy-boycott1.png In all this is a very small amount for them as they have over 32million domains registered with but still shows the outcry and public support social media can get going in such a short time.