content/images/gallery/random2/merry-lulzxmas-everyone-ii-pastebin-com_.png Well i am sure you have heard it already, STRATFOR got hacked, shamed and now all its data is being slowly leaked online, if slowing what u call pretty much all within one day so far. The latest dump has over 13,000 further credit card details from what STRATFOR says is its client subscription list for various services its provides. Dump announced by YourAnonNews content/images/gallery/random2/merry-lulzxmas-everyone-ii-pastebin-com_.png Once again the leak has been dumped on wikisend and is in the format of a tar,gz with a text file that is 4+mb and contains all the account details. The pastebin statement for LulzXmas part 2 leak file:A donation from the hacked accounts.