content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-anonymousirc-merry-lulzxmas-press-rel.png In what has been said to be a very "LulzXmas" Anonymous has been on a role shaming STRATOR the apparent intelligence agency that has been proven to not be so smart about its security and choices. In the latest leak comes a further 30,000 client details containing names, emails, credit cards and all that type of data. In the press release anonymous warns of more leaks tomorrow and that they are also sitting on a huge email spool from STRATFOR. content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-anonymousirc-merry-lulzxmas-press-rel.png So what can be expected frm the to come leaks for the end of 2011? this week is starting to turn out more major then any other day of the year so far, this week has made 2011 year of the hackers. In this leak also contains a heap of tickets, it mite not contain much juicy information at all but still shows just how much data they have gotten into so far. Also at the bottom of the release is a special note:

SPECIAL NOTICE: We are aware that there has been some confusion as to whether the STRATFOR hack is an "official" Anonymous operation, due to a ridiculous "Emergency Anonymous Press Statement" being circulated, undermining our work while also making baseless accusations that we frequently see perpetrated by agent provocateurs. Whether this is the work of malicious counter-intelligence,, some butthurt pacifists, or stratfor employees themselves is unknown. Unfortunately, some main stream news agencies have picked up on this statement, looking for any reason to highlight and exploit any potential "inner divisions” within Anonymous. However, there has been no such squabble or infighting regarding the STRATFOR target, or any other LulzXmas target for that matter. Anyone can claim to be Anonymous, but because of the inherent decentralized nature of Anonymous, without central top-down leadership, no individual is in a place to speak to the legitimacy of another individual or group’s operation. Furthermore, our history of owning high profile targets as Anonymous has been well documented at the #antisec embassy (https://ibhg35kgdvnb7jvw.onion/) and is well known and respected within all Anon communities. Case closed.

Original press release, here