content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-destructivesec-https-t-co-lmllxeea-india.png @DestructiveSec  has left bullshouse sotck exchange looking like total idiots if you ask us, less then 10hrs ago they was hacked, had a huge amount of data obtained and leaked online and the main site was defaced with one clear message, fix the security. Well just now we have been alerted to a 2nd hack which has a new message that pretty much sums up everything.

Alright now ur just amusing me :D, Hacked AGAIN this is Defacement #2! What kind of Admin are you, Allowing me to senslessly delete ur data over and over =D

A the time of publish the site was still defaced, but you can always catch a copy of it at or our below screen shot. content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-destructivesec-https-t-co-lmllxeea-india.png So this really starts to raise questions, as to why the admins of this site allowed it back online so fast without attempting to fix the exploit and allowing the content to be deleted over and over. This shows they have no care or security within the system for clients data and other databased information. Company's that allow this show be found responseable and held before the courts for allowing such actions to happen on a repeat.