In what has been so far a very expensive week for the rich has also been a decent week for the poor, they have been getting donations from all sorts of places. @DestructiveSec has been keeping within the normal, that's if there is such a normal, lulzXmas spirit by having a burst give out of paypal donations. content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-destructivesec-the-first-person-to-reply.png Now do not get all fussy its not what you think, from what @DestructiveSec has stated it is not from hacked paypal accounts its from a 0day they have for paypal. is this true? its all really anyone's guess... content/images/gallery/random2/twitter-destructivesec-the-first-person-to-reply.png Screen of some donations as posted by DestructiveSec : We have also been told that this may happen again around new years, keep an eye out.