Well its no surprise about this, the latest high profile attack by anonymous has lead to massive media attention, with it being reported on many major TV stations, news stations, papers and websites. All the way over in New Zealand it has come to light that they may be little worried about what is to come from the attack, but more the question is why is the new zeal government using or having anything to do with STRATFOR in the first place? A spokesperson for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Rob Mackie, says it's confident no information's at risk. even tho 90k passwords was leaked not to mention a massive load of data and emails to come. Listen to the interview [video https://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/summerreport/audio/2506038/hacking-of-us-company-embarrassing,-not-damaging.asx nolink] Or here  Source: Radio NZ