content/images/gallery/random2/antisec-teaser-12-27-pastebin-com_.png Well its been a few days now of leaking data, mass media, tv reports all around the world and much much more. The IT team at STRATFOR will definitely be working hard this Xmas to attempt to prevent the unpreventable with heaps of information already being dumped the STRATFOR name seems to of been badly damaged. Today Anonymous has released more information from the Attack on the intelligence giant. The announcement comes again from the @AnonymousIRC Twitter account. content/images/gallery/random2/antisec-teaser-12-27-pastebin-com_.png The information into days leak is said to be information about the special forces, such as names, emails passwords and other personal information. it comes in three possible parts, Just the emails and personal info, passwords or both together and can be found on the release page. In the release is a warning to authorities that are handling Bradley manning to :

Oh, and by the way: Did Bradley Manning get his fancy holiday meal yet? Might want to hurry up before we hit even more targets.

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