Once again as found and by databreaches.net United Airlines has been exposed to having a "glitch" in its online booking information system that a lot of people access via iPhone, smart phones when they are on the move etc. The glitch has been found after flyer Anna Culina was trying to check her information when every time she change page it brought up some one else's information. Even more shocking is that when she contacted United Airlines to alert them to the problem they turned it around and said its some one else logged in on her phone.

“I contacted United and they told me maybe someone had logged onto my phone and not logged off properly. But nobody has used my phone, let alone 20 different people I didn’t know,” Culina said.

Ok i really hate to bring this up, but seriously United, you was a main target in the 9/11 attacks and your cyber security issues seem to be leaking vital customer information, so what else is at risk? United really needs to have a look in to the problem and possibility the whole system to make sure its not weak. A United Airlines spokesperson said they’re looking into the specific issue and expect to resolve it quickly, but that Culina “didn’t have access to sensitive personal information.” Culina says by using the confirmation code and traveler’s last name, she could have changed the passenger’s seating assignments or even canceled a flight. Source source 2