content/images/gallery/antisec12/cslea-logo.jpg Well today marks a big hit to the American law enforcement, start of 2012 and they have already been hacked hard, leaving Hundreds of emails and heaps of data lurking all over the inter webs. The attack comes from no other then anonymous and is tagged AntiSec. First came a funny vague warning from the @AnonymousIRC Twitter account. content/images/gallery/antisec12/cslea-logo.jpg Then came the leak announcement that it could be found on TOR2WEB  content/images/gallery/antisec12/cslea-logo.jpg The targets are NY Police chief and i must say this contains some fairly fresh emails and data dating from the start of December 2011, and there is a lot to go through so it will take some time for all the good stuff to come out. The other Target CSLEA California State wide Law Enforcement Association has also been hit just as hard if not harder, having all the Email spools leaked as well as a heap of other database stuff. When we check the site for CSLEA we got this funny message(below) content/images/gallery/antisec12/cslea-logo.jpg The leaked data which is on TOR can be accessed with TOR browser bundle (if on windows) or similar package for other OS. content/images/gallery/antisec12/cslea-logo.jpg NY Police Chiefs mailspoolz. CSLEA db+mailspoolz. IF and once anything juicy has been found we will report on it asap, until then happy digging.