OK so welcome 2012 and the trolls already. NYE was great, i was extremely active throughout the night whilst still publishing articles and enjoying a relaxing night, until that is i woke up to see yet again more trolling from forsaken. Now the trolling was in-light to the articles i publish...I'm guessing more the defacing by what some class as "skiddies" well i hate to burst every hackers bubble, but one day you was a "skiddie" to and no doubt you have defaced pointless websites to help further your skills as well. So let me start why i publish this things. For Me, Owner of cyberwarnews i do not look at the skill level of a hacker but more so the targets. Now some mite pointless websites are in no way a worthy target, but when its a mass defacement of 50+ website i think different. I think about the amount of trouble its going to cause the administration of the websites. The cost its going to have on the owners of the websites, stuff like that. When it comes to smaller database and account leaks, the world deserves to know that they are storing information within the hands of administrators that seem to ignore the duty of care of a clients personal information. So yeah its justifiable in that sense. Now back to the skiddie thing. Every single hacker was once classed as a skiddie or script kiddie. so give them a chance, rather then burning them maybe give them some direction/support and they mite just do this world some good. So as you can tell this has really pissed me off, more so the fact that every single day i get asked this and i have defended the above points MANY times in the past. Well i will be back publishing and i wont be backing down to these fucking people who keep wanting to hate on me. So if you find your self wanting to make any stupid remarks towards the "skiddie" attacks CWN/cyberwarnews covers, expect to be blocked by us so we do not have to deal with your childish ways. Regards, Lee